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Sometimes, in the process of over-zealous efforts to "think positive," we cover up certain events and actions that should not be hidden, yet we cover them up for fear of being thought of as "negative" or for fear of being 'that guy' who couldn't keep a secret.

Listening to a pastor's ex-wife talk about her husband's homosexual chicanery is sad and disheartening, because it's one of many reasons why so many people are turning their backs on so-called "evangelical kingdom christianity" these days, which has circumstantially become a big ol' hot ghetto mess.

They should. There is absolutely nothing negative about telling the truth.

Fust Ladee

When I left Columbus, I remember how desperate so many certain women of the ministry were to be married to preachers and also to be known around town as the "Fust Ladee ub de Chuch."

Many of these types of females broke up a lot of God-instituted marriages and families while flying in the face of God Almighty who gave us an absolute unquestionable  commandment with regard to adultery ... just because they wanted the adulterated "prestige" of being seen as something in public that they weren't called to be.

When I returned more than two decades later, I wasn't surprised to see that not much had changed; especially when the first couple of sermons I heard in a local church came from a woman pastor and pastor's wife who seemed to be overly-concerned about women being after her husband.

Not much of a topic for a sermon, but it did make me wonder why -especially in such a small town with at least three to five churches on every corner- was this still a topic for discussion? Who wants anyone's husband so badly that the overtly obvious has to be overstated in public so often?

Take a listen, since #FLHooks chose to make her private business public on a very popular social media site.

It's about three hours too long, but you start to get the gist of this madness and confusion within the first 15 minutes or so.

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All of this falls on the shoulders of the fact that Columbus is consistently in the Top 20 cities in the United States with various STDs and it's way too small-ish to be that high on the NATIONAL list.

A young lady that I met here, Natasha David Walker (Jones), had written a book about deviant sexuality in the church and so many "pastors", especially, who are involved with gay men or who even molest little boys (and girls). They dealt with many instances of STDs, the spreading of AIDS -a huge problem that adversely affects the Black communities more than all others-, and the kind of internalized psychological pains that can cost someone their life.

Even worse than adultery ...

Before this day was over, I was outdoors trying to sweep up some of those piles of leaves near the curb in front of my home, and I happened to overhear a very loud porch cellphone conversation about mothers in this town who allow their little girls [or tend to ignore situations] to be molested by known pedophiles (she didn't mention whether or not this was inside or outside the church, but the convo was loud enough to be heard across the entire vicinity where she was standing). Side Note: I only went out there because I thought it was going to be warm and quiet for a minute and the leaves were getting on my nerves, but I had that "Frasier Crane" look on my face when I realized it was not to be. You know when Frasier used to want solitude and could never get it because someone kept interrupting him no matter where he went to get it. Yeah, that look. *side eyeroll*

Her forced-on-me conversation reminded me of a Citizens Law Enforcement Academy meeting where a Columbus police officer talked about how Columbus is also one of the top cities in the nation that is very big on child-napping and sex-trafficking.

It seems like this is a city with its priorities twisted and totally out of order, especially when it sits in the dead center-right of what is known as "The Bible Belt" of the U.S. part of America.

If adultery and sex-trafficking and all of those types of sexually deviant issues are such a huge problem in this town, then one has to question the difference between the spirits that are preached about in public and the ones that are obeyed when no one is looking.

Thou Shalt Not

We can begin all day with a solid statement on the Ten Commandments about the commission of adultery with any of these gender pronouns, same sex or otherwise; but no matter how much we hear that, more adultery appears to be committed regardless.

These televised "Real Preachers of Whatever" dramas and "reality shows" have been thrown into the real world arenas and people seem to have lost their moral compass on everything that was once held sacred.

No, adultery is not new, and frankly, neither is homosexuality.

Before anyone who is alive in the world and who is deceased as of right now, homosexual relations where already here. Moment of Truth: In the U.S. portion of the Americas, gay people are, in fact, entitled to their national rights; basically because they live here, work here, and pay taxes here, too. But we also know that state-licensed marriages are not always Godly ones.

Hooks' YouTube Rant Str8 out of Texas

When there is a legally licensed marriage to a man that is sexually compromised, accompanied with a confession that you are also sexually compromised before that marriage takes place...the expectation should always be that the "lifestyle" (familiar spirit, she called it) is going to reappear at some point. Once the door is opened to it, the portal of spiritual access can potentially remain open throughout the duration.

It's not a judgment about Ms Hooks' ex-husband who happened to be a pastor--it isn't just pastor's wives who go through it; but most people have expectations about men of God that they don't expect of others.

Hooks also seems to be extremely tender-hearted (though she says she is entirely delivert) about 'church witches' telling her to subject herself to a man who obviously didn't deserve that kind of respect.

She says she was told to stick it out regardless, so God would be manifested in her marriage, but one thing women under this kind of pressure need to learn real fast is that if the man who is being abusive and sexually amoral and reckless needs to wreck her soul in order to manifest the greatness of God, then the cross of Christ apparently isn't good enough for him.

In that instance, his soul's salvation can't replace God's anyway, so maybe he simply needs to burn in hell and leave it at that.

Bottom Line

It appears that the Word of God wasn't in that "kingdom" church from the start. 

If it were so, backgrounds would be examined prior to the establishment of church leadership, and no one with that kind of background (open or closed) would ever be allowed a position in church leadership from the start, especially not if they are leading from the pulpit.

1st Timothy: Spiritual Leaders Must be Above Reproach. Leaders Must Care for Their Family. Spiritual Leaders Must be Humble.

If that isn't happening in your church and your marriage, maybe you don't belong there.

~~Judgment begins at the House of the Lord.~~

This means you too, Columbus, Georgia.

1 Peter 4:17For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?


The 7th Commandment is as real as all others.
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