Can Armed Drones Help to See, Target and Prevent Local Crime?


Each Precinct Can Be Assigned Two Drones Each

Armed drones, a one-stop shop

Drones, or UAVs, bring several desirable capabilities together in one neat package.

They are principally security cameras in the sky and are able to beam high-definition real-time imagery back to the headquarters. Once a target has been identified, it can be destroyed on the spot by the guided munitions carried by the drones.

This potent mix of intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and strike capability can be decisive in a conflict, if the drones are used properly. 

Decisive weapons

All these drones search the battlefield, guided by remote pilots back at base. Analysts, intelligence specialists, military planners and army commanders can see and share the high-resolution images being fed back giving a far clearer picture of the battlefield and the enemy’s intentions.

Inexpensive and effective drones are making themselves felt on battlefields from the Caucusus and the Middle East to North Africa and beyond. The United States, unwilling to share advanced technology, has been sidelined by regional competitors that manufacture armed drones that, while not as efficient, are still able to turn the tide, becoming decisive weapons in any modern conflict.

Drones can help crime scene investigation in a variety of ways. They can be used to collect evidence that may be difficult to reach from the ground. Two drones can survey a crime scene and provide maps and 3D images within minutes. They can be used to provide lighting at night or low-light conditions.

FORBES: Using Drones to Protect and Serve 


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