re: The 'OUMPH!' Burger


Courtesy GreenseedGardens _ Would a Venus Flytrap eat ground human?

Recycled people parts.

A plant-based Swedish food company claims to have a burger that "tastes just like people." But how do they know what people taste like?

What would make them think anyone else would like to know? Is that actually a selling point for something allegedly made from soy, mushrooms and wheat protein?

In this day and age of "anything goes" when it comes to vying for an attention-getting tactic, or "going viral," one would have to wonder why the idea of people-tasting meat is not more of a repellent than an attractor.

Could it be that the protein factor came from a meat-eating plant that vomited it back up? Okay, it's just a thought. Or a joke, whichever comes first.

Tell us if you have ever tasted human meat fresh off a grill? 

If not, would you want to know what people meat tastes like? Why?

How many humans did they have to taste in order to replicate the taste? How would you know?
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