Gullah-Geechee History in the South: Haint Blue Wards Off Evil Spirits?


Credit to: Vice News

Did you know there is a porch ceiling color called "haint blue"? "Haint" means "haunt."

The color is a combination between strict ocean blue and a light sea foam green and is said to be used on porch ceilings because "haints" were afraid to cross water and might even get confused when looking at the blue above them and think they are floating upside down.

GOOGLE SEARCH: "Haints" is the Gullah word for the spirits that haunt the South, including the spirits of those humans who have not quite passed to their eternal rest--your average, ordinary ghosts. Some of these may be maliciously motivated, while others are as friendly as can be. More threatening, however, are the evil boo hags. _ Oct 19, 2022

It is a color allegedly used to ward off evil spirits in the older Creole cultures and can be seen on porches across the southern sea island and coastal plains of the states of Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, and even in Louisiana.

The Gullah-Geechee culture is coastal and began as a tribal port of people who lived in the sea islands during slavery. These people are the "missing link" between the maternal and paternal connections of the Africans and the Native Americans.


Though the indigenous Native Americans came here from the East and across the Bering Strait (direction from today's Russia to the so-called "Americas"), as it is now known, the aboriginal Africans who were enslaved came to be known as American Indians, or "Seminoles" (a mixed breed of Native Americas from two or more tribal unions).

The Native American reservations of the past are now inhabited with more European cultures of western people who have adapted the aboriginal cultures of the nation's past and made them their own.

There are many stories to be told about what the sea island people thought of "haints" and also about what is currently being done that has destroyed indigenous African and American cross-cultures over the years on both reservations and plantations through legalized property theft.


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