Your Evil Twin is Your Best Friend


Photo by McKenna Phillips

Your evil twin, however misguided and twisted, is the only true decision-maker you will ever know. Even when you can’t make decisions, it does.

Human compassion, love, kindness … all those marvelous traits that make us, well … human, are good and proper in their proper position, but when we need to be blunt and upfront, our Twin Evil is the one that puts all feelings to the side and says “The hell with erry’body. WE got things to do.”

The other side of our humanity is weak and non-forceful and doesn’t know what to do most days, it is forgetful and complacent, pliable and uneventful .. but the evil twin says “Get your ish together! Now!”

Why “The Devil” Can Mess with Our Heads

I know … you don’t believe in personal demons — probably don’t even believe in heaven or hell. Dead is just dead. Right?

The Evil Twin is reveling with killers and savages of all dominions, it is cold and calculating and has no redeeming characteristics that are worth saving, but the Real You is really sorry you did such an evil thing. Really. Sorry.


It’s not a true split personality, it’s an equal blending and merging of the two that makes you who you are even when you don’t like you at the moment.

It’s not a joke when people say funny things like “the devil made me do it.” But when you want to see the devil, all you have to do is look in a mirror. Rrrighhhtt.

Not always.

It’s very real … the evil twin is the side the devil that lived can get a portal into, especially if the ‘other’ you is in agreement with and refuses to gain control over it and make it all balance out.

Will Y’all Make Up Y’alls Minds…please

Good versus Evil: That is what the world is made of and there would be no good stories without the bad stories that make them work.

Scientifically, we can just leave it at that and say nothing else about it. Get control over it and die.

But spiritually … socially, morally, psychologically, physiologically, and biologically … when we have choices to make between the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, science can’t explain what makes us feel something enough to cry or laugh about it.

The Observers can partially explain the physical tickle and giggle boxes that work in our brains when we do laugh or cry, but it will never be able to tell us why no two people are not alike -not even biological twins- when it comes to having a sense of humor or what makes one person cry and the other not care; makes one laugh and the other one think you’re cray for laughing.

Science can try to explain love and hate by observation and study, but it can’t tell us why we love or who to hate and for what reason. It can’t even explain concepts like humility, fragility and ego. We end up having to decide for ourselves why one person can engage in agape or sheltered limited love and the other one is triggered by nothing more or less than pure superficial externalized lust.

Becoming: Choices Galore

For those of us who are blessed enough to be able to make choices — interests, encouragement, likes, wants, needs, care, passion and compassion, what we read, what we watch, what we listen to, what turns us on, what turns us off … all of this can simultaneously activate when we have choices to make.

Michelle Obama ‘became’ First Lady of the United States because of the choices she made in life, and the chances that came her way when she moved from one direction to another. She had no control over the chances she got, but in order for her to “become”, she first had to belong. Somewhere. To someone and something.

Belonging: The Place Where Becoming Is Almost Impossible Unless We Belong Somewhere

We can’t “become” anything unless we “belong” someplace.

Many people refer to this sense of belongingness as a “tribe,” a place to be where we are wanted and loved. It has been notated by experts that even gangbangers are where they are because it is the only place they feel they can be themselves without fear, loneliness and judgment.

The “gang” gives them a false sense of security, but for the moment, they feel like it’s where they belong, even if the Evil Twin has taken over and is ruling the moment.

About The Evil Twin and That Self-Blame Thingy

Odd thing it is that when bad things happen to us, others can easily tell us to look at our own faults, but never anyone else’s. But that’s a half-truth at best.

Typically, when bad things happen to us, someone else’s evil twin had something to do with it, whether our evil twin attracted them to it or not.

There is something to be said for the “law of attraction” when our evil side is looking at someone else’s evil side and unwittingly beckoning it to come and let US get in trouble together, let “us” make Man in “our” image.

It doesn’t have to say anything. The merger just happens whether we want it to or not.

Wherever you go, there you are; but you also can’t pretend it’s someone else’s fault when you don’t take initiative or responsibility, you’re not sure, you don’t remember something, or you haven’t defined what your boundaries are and how you will use them to your advantage.

Brain Teasing Choices

All of us, given a chance, would love to exorcise ourselves from ‘that other one,’ especially when it is flying by the seat of its pants and taking us on The Ride Stupid, along with that inglorious bastard of a life that we don’t want to acknowledge.

When Eve (so what if she’s fiction, just play along for a minute) had a choice, she made the wrong one, but if she had not, we’d never have a side to compare ourselves with. When Adam had a choice, he blamed it all on Eve; and when Cain had a choice, he chose to kill his brother rather than to get his own life together and then, after he did it, when it was all said and done, he ran off into the wilderness playing chicken.

An options-deficient bad chooser, a finger-pointing blamer, and a scared runner … how humanity began explains a lot about why we all act the way we do to this very moment in time. We can’t really help it, but oh … we can.

Movies can play with our heads like that-make good appear evil and evil appear good and then play with our minds about which is which and to what end the writers will decide what the final final outcome should be.

Hebrews 4:12

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.’

That’s why the Bible (the Word of God, some of us like to say) says that, in the long run, nothing matters except that we are judged by our thoughts and our attitudes that lead to our beliefs that will lead to our actions, and our actions is always where the real truth shows up … and shows out.

What we do ends up telling on us … even that which we thought was hidden in the dark. Facts ain’t jack, it’s the truth that counts.

The Evil Twin is easy to decode. It will try to run and hide, but it can’t because we choose to believe anyone who SHOWS us who and what they are.

The Evil Twin is The Decider. It wants what it wants when it wants it and how it wants it and #thatisall.

ET is not always necessarily the bad guy and the good guy (The Good Twin) isn’t always ‘weak’ or inferior, but one thing is certain above all else.

Neither of them can get anywhere in life without the other.


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