Coca-Cola Products In Your Fridge That You Should Throw Out Immediately

Food Safety Network reports that the Food and Drug Administration is "warning of the potential of foreign objects, specifically metal bolts or washers" found in several Minute Maid drinks.

Key Details

  • The Minute Maid drinks were distributed in "Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Maine and New Jersey."
  • With the affected cans having an expiration date in 2022, consumers might still have the products in storage or in their fridge.
  • If consumers find themselves in possession of the affected products they should bring them back for a refund or "simply throw them away."

In Addition

Here are the Minute Maid brands that are part of the recall:

  1. Berry Punch – Date codes Jan0422 NP and Jan0522 NP, Batch 0010323455 and 0010259344 (recall F-0276-2022)
  2. Strawberry Lemonade – Date code: Jan0322 NP, Batch: 0010259346 (recall F-0277-2022)
  3. Fruit Punch – Date Code: JAN0522 NP Batch: 0010323454 (recall F-0278-2022)

In addition, Coca-Cola earlier had issued a recall in November for the following sodas:

  1. Coca-Cola 12 ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM B
  2. Coca-Cola 12 ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM C
  3. Sprite 12 ounce cans: Date Code: AUG 1522 WM B

If you live in Georgia, check anyway ...better safe than sorry.

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