Critical Needs Areas Short as Nurses, Teachers, Police Officers and Others Make Plans to Leave Their Jobs Soon



“Ask a principal how many qualified candidates apply for teaching positions. It’s shockingly low,” ... “For those of us in classrooms every day, it’s no surprise that our co-workers are thinking about and some actually planning for their exits at the end of this year.” Longtime teacher Dianne O'Bryan, Blue Valley School Board, Johnson County, KS

It's very much toxic...and getting worse.

This is a sentiment echoed by teachers across the nation and many communities that are not only concerned about a mass exodus of teachers, cops, and nurses and even doctors across the nation who are weary and disenchanted with the whole entire idea of the value their presence provides to all sectors of life.

It isn't just topics about #criticalracetheory, which books need burning, or even COVID-19...educators say the main issues they have are with combative adults/parents more than it is dealing with the children. Doubt anyone can argue with that.

What happens if all these jobs that we say are so 'vital' to the community start losing more value as the shortages that are already here become even larger?

Former Muscogee County (GA) Sheriff Donna Tompkins made the following statement on Facebook:

"There was a news report this evening about Teachers retiring or leaving the profession creating a shortage of teachers. Law enforcement officers are retiring or leaving the profession also creating a huge shortage. Two highly respected professions are crumbling because they feel they do not have the support of the communities they serve. These are dangerous times for our nation. Consider the consequences of their failure."

Parents and all else are going to have to get used to home-schooling, home-nursing, and community policing ... just as it was when we were growing up and these things were not readily available and people had to figure it out for themselves. That may not necessarily be a bad thing ... maybe folks who think it's as easy as 'dump your children off and cuss out a teacher' should be forced to stay home and do it themselves.

When the nationalist pandemic first started on Trump's watch nearly two years ago ... it took only about six months for parents to start posing meme after meme on Facebook about how their own children were expelled for the remainder of the year and that the 'teacher'/mom was on alcohol break until further notice.

Yeah ... it's like that.

Before now, it wasn't privilege that was the driving factor behind DIY child-raising, it was the fact that there wasn't much by other options available on all or most days.

Every fight with the flu couldn't be run to an emergency room and every failed test couldn't be resolved by a teacher who was going to be bothered staying after hours. And when the day comes that you have to drag your own mortally wounded loved one back into the house and let them stay there until the mortician shows up some days or weeks later, or when crimes get written off as "your hard luck" and "good luck with that" ... maybe the idea of having officers and authority figures who have to deal with that kind of crap every minute of every single day won't be taken for granted.

Teacher O'Bryan is right. They can leave, and residents can take it home and deal with it themselves. 

The federal government is even sending incarcerated individuals home and there is no telling what the outcome of that is going to be. Home School. Home Medical Care. Community and In-Home Policing...

Tell everybody to get their own teachers, their own nurses and doctors, and their own police officers and security ... and pay for it too; out of their own pockets.

Lights out.



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The Numbers. Companies are experiencing a mass exodus of employees just one year after the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. 4.3 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs in August 2021, up 242,000 from July, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

EDIT. NOTE: The Great Depression unemployment rate was not remotely connected to what is going on now. Back then, it was all about Fat Cow Brokering that broke a nation whose population at the time was 106.021 million [CENSUS BUREAU], not the 330+ million that are in the U.S. right now. Nowadays, there are a lot more people 'to be' unemployed. It's more complex than just "it's the economy." Besides, all those jobs that were the "highest on record since the 1960s" on Trump's watch, so they said, didn't just disappear overnight.

It's all about making new choices for a new time and an increasing working population that is pandemic-fatigued, sick of economic slavery, parking lot highway traffic, and in-house corporate politics.

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