The Only New Year's Resolution You Need ...


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But just in case ... 

List of 10 Resolves for 2022

  1. If you haven't lost weight by 2023, the hehaw with it.
  2. If you inherit a million dollars, inbox me.
  3. Learn to love reading a printed book all over again.
  4. Celebrate Betty White's 100th Birthday without her. She earned that.
  5. Put the da&^%&! GUNS DOWN!
  6. Celebrate every birthday in 2022 like it might be your last. It probably won't be, but don't take chances. Just remember: Better to be seen than viewed.
  7. Go off by yourself at least once a month. Anybody who isn't around when you get back didn't need you to begin with.
  8. Buy some crypto. You're probably going to need it soon.
  9. Try eating something this year that you didn't last year. Your taste buds change as you age.
  10. Try praying every day instead of just on special occasions. It can't hurt now.
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