Op-Ed: Let's get serious ... Nobody really knows what a "federal deficit' is


Credit to: Yale University
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When one side is spending, it's all good; when the other is spending, it's a BIG HUGE GINORMOUS DEFICIT scare.

But the truth is ... if the U.S. has a "deficit" of $30 trillion than the GDP/GNP is likely $90-100 trillion

Those #RabbitHatTrick numbers work regardless; because nobody is writing a check for any of this. We're always going to make more than we spend. That's the way the trick works.

It's all FUGAZI.

QUOTE: In the fiscal year that ended September 2021, the federal budget deficit was $2.8 trillion, equal to 12.4% of U.S. gross domestic product, according to the Congressional Budget Office. In the fiscal year that ended September 2019, before the pandemic, the U.S. deficit was equal to 4.7% of GDP, the CBO said.

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