Op-Ed: #CRT - Black History Month and The Stories That Must Be Told


Lessie B. Randle, Tulsa OK Survivor of One of Many of the USA's Domestic Terrorist Attacks

It is rather sad when older persons like myself hear younger people say that these skin-color specific attacks on aboriginal Americans in their own homeland and on their own territories happened "hundreds of years ago."

If they think or believe that, the need for teaching Black History to the ignorant and highly uneducated is thoroughly developed under the latest faction called, oddly enough, #criticalracetheory.

It wasn't a theory, it was a fact of many people's lives, a good bit of them are still alive now - in 2022.

When I hear the story of a young lady who spoke of Emmett Till in her classroom until her white teacher told her she was lying, it's sickening. Had Till lived, he would have been in his early 80s and we have people living now who are older than that. 

No, she wasn't lying and it wasn't THAT long ago. Till was only a bit less than 20 years older than me.

It just so happened that a fellow classmate, a white boy, stood up for her and told the teacher she was not lying and that his father had told him about it. Even worse than being called a liar is a teacher that didn't believe her because of her race. She shouldn't have needed a white supporter to validate her existence...and the least the teacher could have said is that she was not educated about it and would go do some research -- not outright call the Black girl a liar. She could have just simply admitted she knew nothing about it.

It was not hundreds or thousands of years ago...it was just yesterday, or even the day before ... and in the case of the Emanuel 9 in Charleston, S.C., it was literally less than 10 years ago.

The need for more teaching of Black history in America is imperative.

It is no longer a matter of whose grandmother is going to be embarrassed that there is documented evidence in the newspapers of her vitriolic behaviors, it is about whether or not that Black grandmother who was spat on, had rocks chucked at her, was threatened with weapon and race warfare, and who was hit by sticks and stones for trying to go to school in a different color skin is going to tell her own grandchildren the truth or keep lying to them or trying to hide it because "Miss Becky's" or "Mr. John Boy's" grandchildren will have to know the truth about what they did.

Of course, it's not the child who wasn't born at the time's fault. Nobody in their right mind would have the gall to go there.

But it's also not the fault of the Black child who has to live a lie because someone else's gramma or pawpaw is having latent regrets about something they shouldn't have done in the first place.

That "come to Jesus" moment just hit with a dark vengeance and it's really no one's fault but their own. That said ...

Those who are trying to outlaw "woke" and "CRT" and "The 1619 Project" and all the other things the Lord God is doing to indemnify and rectify and justify His chosen first-fruit will soon discover they can't legislate an act or MOVE of God.

The REAL truth must be told or REAL freedom and healing will never come to this nation. The Bible tells us so: Lies cannot prevail.

This piece of the continent called the Americas can never progress or advance with these hidden atrocities and malfeasances forever barking at its heels.

When, in The 12 Disciplines, they say "We must be willing to admit our sins" before healing can begin, it means just that.

Happy New Year!

Note to Keep in Mind: They were driven out of the southernmost states to Oklahoma, and when they saw them thriving and surviving in Oklahoma, they went there to bomb them and take their businesses, land, homes and other property -- including their lives. #LessieBRandle

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