Did you know? Today is NATIONAL NAPPING DAY


I don't know about you, but I adore Daylight Savings Time (DST).

Especially since I can no longer drive at night.

DST gives me that extra couple of hours that I need to stay out later and accomplish many things before sunset, things I can't do on standard time because I have to skedaddle on home before it gets dark around 6:30 PM.

There's been an on-going discussion for many years about the aggravation of moving the big hand on a "real" clock forward or back one hour (most computer and mobile clock times are set to change themselves as quickly as they can change time zones when you are traveling from one to the other). 

However, what is the big deal really(?) about switching between DST and ST--except for people who are easily aggravated about mostly everything and anything you can name regardless.

Yes, the mandate for National Napping Day is that you take a 10-minute siesta to celebrate. That's it. Ten minute nap - set your alarm clock - and you've done your celebrating for the day.

Yeah, it's a silly little thing to write about, but it's also very much fun to do!


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