April 15th is TAX DAY - Are We Tired of This?


WORDS FROM A FACEBOOK COMMENTER: "They held a special election that had a very low turnout. Of course, it passed. We have a chance to reduce it back to 8% by VOTING NO on the upcoming T-SPLOST (transportation). That 1% would fund transportation projects in our region. Only a portion of the funds raised by this tax stay in Muscogee County. Voting is on May 24, during the upcoming primary. If we VOTE NO, this tax will end December 31, 2021. Currently we have the highest sales tax % in the state of Georgia." link 

WORDS FROM ANOTHER FACEBOOK COMMENTER: "Many residents voted against the increase however, there are many newer residents who didn't [understand] or know how many years [of] tax increases, broken promises, along with mismanagement [there] is on the city The new tax will pay for the new courthouse. It is needed now because the city failed to keep up the necessary maintenance on the current building. That is an example of the management issues in the city. Now we are being asked to vote again on another added penny which will bring us to the highest tax in the state."

True to form, Muscogee County taxation is far too high, and the benefits of it far too low; and that is due to mismanagement of funds.

Another "penny" is not as cheap or low-cost as it sounds; it is, by the opinions of many, a true total of millions MORE that will go to waste once again.

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