Timing is Everything: Jane Fonda Talks About Being "Closer" to Death


Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (Pinterest)

If you've watched any Netflix series at all, truly binge-watched, Grace and Frankie are about as hard to put down as Frasier used to be.

Seemingly written by writing professionals who can make 'make-believe' look and feel real and who can make more sense out of life than any reality show dared to, Grace & Frankie was the epitome of "aging gracefully" shows since The Golden Girls launched in September of 1985.

These stories are hard to write for older audiences because we were accustomed to quality and genius in movement among all the different players and their nuances, but it's not hard to find the longest-running group of mature actors in the USA to engage in playing the roles if one can write them well enough. 

Fonda, one of the biggest and brightest celebs of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s ... and now ... seems to have embraced her role and her age in the best fashion she possibly could have. Positively Italian of her, it is.

Now that Grace and Frankie is on its final legs and fans are good and angry about having to had waited so long to find out what became of 'Grace and Nick Skulka' ... April 29 * 30, 2022 seems to be D-day for the cast and crew on Netflix - including the infamous Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston.

Season Finales, they call them. But it didn't take the writers long to have us laughing hysterically or in violent tears about everything that had happened and was going to happen to this superstar cast of over-70s who may have been long lost to modern television if not for this most recent series.

They don't give the "old folks" much by way of what we would like to see, but another one who "killed it" in the recent past was Meryl Streep in the movies IT'S COMPLICATED and DON'T LOOK UP and Michael Douglas in the movie THE KOMINSKY METHOD.

OG's simply don't seem to put up with triteness and complacency in theater and acting, and for what it's worth, OG-watchers love it, have loved it, and always will. 

WISHES AND HORSES: Be nice if they wrote Douglas into the series finale as a quick appearance like they did with Ed Asner, God rest him. 

That being said for those over the age of 65 right now, there are too many people out here who never made it to 70 and too many more who never will to lament about aging. At least you're still here to do that.

We get it, Jane. We all only have 'so many' tomorrows left.

Suck everything you can out of it while you still can. It's been fun.


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