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Unusual Sighting: Tuskegee (AL) Restauranteur Serves Up Great Southern Fare ...

...along with the "handwritings on the wall."

Though the owner of The New House of Stewart's (open since 2018) introduces himself only as "Marion", the food was great and Marion and his daughter served it all up with the best finesse - all smiles.

Most of his business is call-in/pick up, but a friend insisted on driving me there and paying because she thought the one-hour ride from Columbus to TNHOS was well worth it.

She was right, but what caught my attention in the midst of dining on Fried Whiting, Shrimp pearls, fried green tomatoes (best EVER!) and fish fries was the signatures of literally hundreds of guests all over the walls from the ceiling (above your head) to the floor, near the doors, and around the fire alarm box and the kitchen entrance.

Take a look...
The New House of Stewart's
is located at 2801 W Martin Luther King Hwy, Tuskegee AL 36083

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