Spring Cleaning Time! Grown Folks' Easter Baskets


There are two types of Easters: 

The Christian-inspired scriptural fairytale concerning crosses and rugged hills far away, and the Secular one concerning eggs, bunnies, chocolate marshallows, Peeps(r), and songs like "Here Comes Peter Cottontail."

Whether you're into it like that or you just do it as a matter of family tradition, the photos below depict some of the most creative ideas for giving your spoiled dependent independent children who are over the age of 18 a glorious Springfest holiday this year ... or any year.

If they don't live at home, they're going to appreciate saving hundreds of dollars in household necessities this season, and if they do live at home ... it couldn't hurt to send them a springtime hint that it's time to clean their room.

Either way, consider shopping some of the local mercantiles for cheap(er) household goods this Easter season.

You're children will appreciate it, a couple of good friends will appreciate it, your Mom and/or Dad might even appreciate it...even if they can afford their own.


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