Hard Times? Go Get a Job! (At Home)


How Bored Can You Get Working from Home? Try something else you might like.

We are still in pandemic mode and for the most part, people are very close to 'tired of hearing about it.' 

Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to be on the downturn any time soon and regular job or no, you've got bills to pay and people to hustle ... and so does everyone else.

Here are the fastest and easiest ways possible to hustle up some extra cash in the meantime.

The vast majority of these jobs typically pay way more than that knuckleheaded minimum wage knock-off work that traditional ' clock-in clock-out ' businesses can't seem to get away from.

You might even make enough to pay for your own benefits when they don't. You're not glued to a seat and you aren't always required to get bored staying at home.

Never know 'til you try. So ...

Here. We. Go.

1. Turn your skills into cash

Handy-people...turn your skill into cash. The most encouraging news in the world is knowing that a homeless man became became rich within five days because a piece of his artwork 'went viral' online. Maybe that's you (one day) and maybe not ... but there are ways to bring in some extra cash while you're waiting.

On HomeAdvisor Powered by Angi , new projects are coming through 'every two seconds', with a little something for anyone who can paint, mow lawns, clean homes, fix roofs, install fences, etc. Blue Collar, but it pays. HomeAdvisor can connect you to these jobs by setting you up with an online business profile -for free- that will help you collect customers and reviews. Be at your level best, and the higher you rank, the better your chances of landing more work.

2. Earn by grocery shopping and making deliveries

Earn extra cash as a full-service shopper with Instacart - just shop for groceries then deliver them.

Signing up is simple. Make your own schedule and pick your shops, Instacart can even tell you the best work days to help you maximize your earnings. You can get paid within an hour of delivery with the Insta-cash out option.

3. Get paid up to 5 times a day with Uber Eats

Have a car/bike/scooter and need extra cash this month? Look no further...Uber Eats is there for you.

Deliver food across town on your schedule and get paid. Download the app, upload your documents, get activated and start earning some bucks with contact-free deliveries. Supervisorless day, jam all the way, and InstantPay.8 

You keep ALL of your tips and maybe even more with promotional incentives when delivering during peak hours.

4. Make $15 or more per hour delivering with DoorDash

DoorDash lets you be your own boss and set your own schedule by making restaurant deliveries. 

Customers place an order from a list of local restaurants, DoorDash app pushes the order to Dashers who are in the area, if you pick it up and deliver, YOU get paid. The tips are all yours, and so are the boosts that help you make more.

All orders are no-contact by default. To be a Dasher, you need a vehicle, a smartphone, and must be over the age of 18.

5. Get Cash for Unused Diabetic Strips

There is a new way to make a little extra money if you or someone you know suffers from diabetes

Cash For Diabetics is a new company that will pay you up to $30 for your unused diabetic test strips. 

It's as simple as placing your unopened packages in their free mailing kit and they mail you a check within 2-8 business days.

Sign-up is free and only takes a moment. Stop throwing away those unused test strops and start making some duckies.

Hang around, it gets even better ... 

ARE YOU HIRING REMOTE OR GIG WORKERS in the local area? Let us know at FOUNTAIN CITY NEWS and we will run your personalized CLASSIFIED AD (with our without up to 2 photos) for an itty-bitty $25 per week. *Subject to editorial review and approval* ]

6. Side-hustle pet walking and have fun doing it with Rover and Other Pet Care Companies

Dog lovers looking for one of the best side hustles might be able to make extra money each month with Rover, the popular dog-walking app.

Wag! is a fast, friendly, and convenient platform that offers instant pay, real-time GPS tracking, automated report cards, and live chat with clients.

PetSitter Jobs matches dedicated pet owners with North America's most loving pet sitters.

Care.com - Pet-sitting is one of the many features of signing up with Care.com, but if being a pet-nanny is what you prefer, then ye shall have it.

Sign up, sign on, get matched and get to work!

Whatever dog service you provide, you can make some extra cash hanging out with pets. Connect pet parents to people who can't be there all the time. 

Some needed services are ...

  • Dog walking
  • Dog boarding
  • House-sitting
  • Pet-sitting
  • Drop-in visits
  • Doggy day care

7. How to: Become a Mobile Bartender

Fans of top-notch alcoholic beverages may enjoy serving wine or beer at a restaurant, brewery, or winery. You will need to be certified/licensed in Georgia to get started, so start your research here -- CLICK IT

 If you love the job and want to work on your own, you might consider using that ABC permit to start your own mobile bartending business.

8. Craigslist is Still Around

The old school 'Gig Economy' is here to stay, believe it or not.

Make money hauling stuff or hauling _$. But get it done and fast cash may await you. 


9. Sadly, if your Marriage isn't working out, there's a way to make a few bucks on it if you want to take the drive to the A-T-L to be on 'Divorce Court'

Life happens. Sometimes it pays (just under a grand) to do what you gotta do if you're gonna do it anyway.


Judge Faith will help you deal with the issues that have your relationship out of whack and get you back on track…or to let you know when heading down a new path simply makes more sense.

You must be 18 or older to appear on the show or be in the audience. Please review their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on the site first. Both parties must agree to appear on the show regardless.

To be part of the audience in Atlanta, (bout a hunnit miles north of here) ... go to Audience Submissions.

10. Show Off

No. Seriously.

Sign up as a Local to show visitors and tourists around your home town, Columbus G-A and parts nearby ... on Showaround. People actually pay you to party like that. For reals.

Be a real socialist, not a political one ... and 'socialize-while-you work'. Democracy is happening in real time and it's waiting on you!

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