SPEAK OUT!: City Council Unanimously Votes to Close Carver Park on Weekends


The Columbus (GA) Ledger-Enquirer reports: #CityCouncil: Columbus Council voted unanimously Tuesday to close a local park on weekends, citing recent safety concerns and a shooting that left a 44-year old woman dead.

Carver Park will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays for the next 30 days. Park hours will still be from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. 

District 4 Councilor Toyia Tucker proposed the closure, and told the Ledger-Enquirer that she was concerned about the safety of citizens in the park after two people were killed there this year. 

“The calls that I get from the neighbors are that there are shootings throughout the day,” Tucker said. “The increased crime is on the weekends ... there are shootings, mostly on Saturday and Sunday and, what we saw that occurred two weekends (ago), that happens every weekend.”

One commenter noted : "...it's time to take the PAT's (punk@thugs) down..."

Gotta ask, "Take them down where? Downtown?" Down to Peachtree Mall?

It wasn't that long ago that quite a few #PATs were found around many parts of Downtown Columbus and throughout the entire city, including Peachtree Mall, doing the same thing; yet, somehow, the entire Downtown area and the entire City of Columbus and Peachtree Mall never got closed down over it - weekends or any other day.

What's your take on this? 

Will closing the Park down on weekends for one month properly "punish" gun-mucking killers? Will closing down the entire city help to deter them as well?

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