Can You Really "Speak" Things Into Existence?


There is much by way of metaphysical teaching that bled its way into the Scriptures over the past 30 years, most of it bordering on outright paganist superstition based on the "law of attraction" - or "secrets" of the Universe.

Those laws teach people that they can 'speak' or 'think' their way into the kind of lifestyle that they desire. But do these gnostic teachings withstand the test of time?

Not by any evidence, scientific or spiritual, seen or unseen, that is found on the Earth at this time. If it were so, everyone could say the words "I am a millionaire" and it would happen instantly with nothing else having to be done to get there.

However, the good Word says ... 

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.” - Deuteronomy 29:29

In context with Deuteronomy 29, that which was revealed and given to us belongs to us, but the "secret things" are not ours to have, hold, nor to feel responsible for.

If we were all to keep the Bible in context, it is highly possible that humanity lost the right to "speak things into existence" when a choice was made to disobey God from the very start.


If one were to believe the analogy about the Garden of Eden, there were two main trees in the center of the Garden ... the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and the "Tree of Life."

Hypothetically, if Eve had eaten from the Tree of Life instead, the right to be "as God" may have automatically been bestowed on her and her husband. She wouldn't have needed to desire it, it would have come with the territory; and the other tree would likely have dried up and disappeared. 

Note: Eve was never told she could not touch or eat from The Tree of Life. It was there, she had a choice.

But once she took the one she was told not to take from, all of the other trees -including the Tree of Life- were no longer hers, nor his. The next move was to pass the blame stick, and ultimately one of the accused was cursed and the other two were evicted and sent away to live by "the sweat of his brow" and for her to "give birth in pain and anguish and suffering" for desire of her husband.

One would think that if this was their punishment for disobedience, it was not always that way for them. Yet ... 

That punishment has not changed to this very day.

The Tree of Life just may have given them both the right to speak things into existence, or to 'think and watch things become as their thoughts,' at one time. It was just as God had done to create the world we know or have known. There were too many trees in the Garden to obsess on the only one that was off limits.


To this moment in time, for all of humanity, temptation comes only when there is something that is off limits. If we are told we cannot have it, we want it more.

Most people have a tendency not to desire what they already have, but what they have been told is not theirs for the taking.

Some call it the life principle of "the grass is greener on the other side," but many of us have already figured out that it never is. We get to the other side, and suddenly, the grass we had before starts looking more desirable than it did when we had it.

How many days have your cupboards been filled with food and you weren't hungry, but the moment there is nothing available to eat, you feel like you might be starving, literally. Then, the moment food is there and the frig and cabinets are full again, you lose your appetite.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he," is not a magic trick, nor does it mean "When you think, you build thoughts, and these become physical substances in your brain.”

Thoughts never become physical substances

You can think one thing and do something else at the same time. Your thoughts are not a guarantee of what may happen in the future; and the things you say don't provide a guarantee for what may happen next. You can always change your mind, even at the last minute. And everyone had to experience many times, the element of surprise when they thought or said one thing and something else happened.

Can you imagine what would happen if people could just "say things" and have them come to pass? There is evil in this world and those who can make bad things happen just by saying so would do it - jealousy would prevail over all else and all mankind would spend its existence doing is clubbing each other over the head with words that would hurt someone else and benefit no one but themselves.

In a fallen and mortally sinful state, the Heavenly Realms cannot afford to allow that. We would all talk ourselves and one another into early graves ... and there are enough people in the world already who think they are God, or gods, of some dimension or realm of existence.

Sour Grapes Syndrome, in a fallen state, would kill us all. The Earth has enough by way of physical murderers and people who can just order folks to be killed and who have no remorse about it.

As it stands at this time, the last thing the world needs is killers who can just speak it out and have done with it. The Word says God rains on the just and unjust alike - so when it rains, the good people aren't the only ones it's raining on.

It also says He is the God of the whole world, not just His Chosen People and the ones engrafted in the Vine, but the whole entire world. That includes evil people who are unkind and even worse, unjust.


By way of example...

Weapons have formed against people, and they have prospered - many times.

By way of example, a woman was murdered in California, and in her hand when her body was found was a piece of paper with the words written on it "No weapon formed against me shall prosper."

The background story on that was that the woman (apparently a believer of some kind) was involved with an imprisoned man who had deceived her into believing he was innocent. 

He then enticed her into running 'errands' for him, and on one of her trips, unbeknownst to the woman who believed she was fighting for justice for an innocent man, she was gunned down enroute. Here's the rest " ... and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord. "

There was no tongue accusing her at the time she was doing these things, he was the accused; and she apparently never bothered to find out whether or not the man was telling the truth. How many women had he deceived?, and how many of them had been killed because of it, while thinking they were doing the right thing because he sounded and acted so honest and sincere?

Keep it in context. Never use scripture in a manner for which it was not intended. It's not a "free-for-all," it has a specific use that is purely for the people of God.


EDIT. NOTE: There may have been a time when humanity could have done everything God can do, but that window of time disappeared with one single act of disobedience. The "gates to Eden" were shuttered and all that was at its core and center went away for good; at least for the time being anyway.

We still have within us the instinct to believe we can think and speak ourselves into another existence, or out of life's numerous shortcomings and difficulties; but the manifestation of it is another story.

The Word of God is not connected to the working of new age magic tricks about 'universal secrets' and 'positive (or negative) thinking powers'.

The Bible, in CONTEXT, simply consists of good old classic every day life theory and the practice and use of common sense.

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