Moses: Leadership Preparation


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Most people who diligently study the Word of God know that Moses was a leader, and a chosen leader at that. 

He was not a son of Ham, as some believe, but a son of Shem, (a Semitical man) which is why he was known as a Hebrew man. Released at birth by his mother, Jochebed, to keep him from being killed under Pharaoah's command, and raised in Pharaoah's household after being found floating by the riverbed of the Nile by Pharaoah's daughter.

Moses was not aware that he was being groomed for leadership by God. He was simply fleeing for his life after committing an act of murder.

Some have referred to Moses as the "first cop-killer" because he tended to the rough business of handling one of Pharaoah's plantation 'captains', who was ruthlessly beating one of his own brethren (a Hebrew man) senseless. 

Moses knew who he was, and he wasn't going to stand by and watch it happen; but...

After this took place, he escaped Pharaoh's household and landed in Midian where he met his wife, Zipporah, and was working for his father in law, Jethro.

Moses was pasturing a flock of sheep and when he arrived at Horeh, and an angel of the Lord in a burning bush met him there, and told him in a nutshell, "I have heard the cry of My people who are oppressed under Pharaoah's captivity, and I have come to send you to Pharaoah to bring my people -the Sons of Israel- out of Egypt.

Without going through the entire story of how Israel came to be taken into slavery in Egypt, (hint: disobedience and pagan worship) suffice it to say that Brother Joseph's leadership under the elder Pharaoah came to an abrupt ending when (a) Joseph ('Yusuf') passed on; and (b) when the younger generation came along and became afraid of the growing population of Hebrews living in Egypt at the time.

They came up with a few different ways to get rid of them or at least avail themselves of free and cheap labor - mostly by kidnapping, torture and death. Remind you of anything recently familiar in American and European history books?

What most people are not aware of is that Moses was pretty what we would call "old" by the time he was called to do the work of the Lord...eighty (80) years old. to be exact. If you're sixty and still have not been called by the Lord, wait for it. It's not out of the question just yet.

From his mother to his sister to his adopted mother to Pharaoah's household, all things lined up to make Moses the leader he became, but God didn't recruit him for the job easily because Moses had excuses for not wanting to do it, including "who am I" to be telling Pharaoah what to do, especially considering that I killed a man on my out of there.

Moses was likely in his 40s when he left Egypt on the run and a whole generation had gone by, so when he return to Egypt, he would not have been remembered or recognized as the 'cop killer' of 40 years earlier.

But remember that Moses questioned who he was and then said "I stutter." I cannot speak well, the people ain't going for it. Yet, you already know what the angel of the Lord said about those excuses. (A) You're going and you're going to tell them who I Am, not who you are; and (B) Take Aaron with you. He doesn't mind speaking in crowds ... he likes the attention.

How many of you know that when God calls you, there is no such things as running and definitely no such thing as "I can speak right." Ttttaakke Aaaaaronn wwwitwwith yyooouuu is about all you're going to get on that tip.

Bottom line ... if God used all those situations and circumstances to bring His people Israel out of Egypt, what lengths will He not go through to see us also free of bondage in our particular Egypts?

We may not want to see God's plan for us as part of our destiny, but one thing is certain above all else ... what the Lord God intends is what the Lord God will get done.

Everyone is called to be a leader of some type in some form or fashion, but you cannot lead where you were not told to go.

When Lord sends you, though, you will know where you belong, you will have all you need to get the job done, and you will know what to do - even when others laugh at you and try to push you aside.

I will say "The God of your fathers sent me to you..." and they will ask "What is His Name?" And you will say "I AM WHO I AM." Tell them this is My name forever, and My memorial name to all future generations.

I AM is an anointing Spirit, not a joke. 

If those are your boots to pull up and put on the ground, you will never have to worry about anyone stealing them or taking out the strings you need to tie them with.

Go forth in peace.

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