Savannah, Georgia Listed As One of Top 9 Cities Worldwide That Could Go Underwater as Early as Year 2030


Timeout London: Climate Change Realities

With sea levels rising worldwide, several major metropolises are at risk of being submerged

Written by Ed Cunningham - Wednesday 3 November 2021

Global warming can be difficult to properly visualise. If you’re not directly threatened by rising sea levels, suffering water shortages or ravaged by wildfires, how do you know it’s really happening? It can all seem a little abstract.

That’s why projects like Climate Central are so essential. 

This website creates maps that show which parts of the world could find themselves underwater due to rising sea levels. So as the planet keeps getting warmer – and pollution continues unabated – which cities around the globe could find themselves underwater as early as 2030?


Editor's Note: Last time I read an article of this nature, it concerned New Orleans. 

It was reported on national television that New Orleans was in trouble with damaged infrastructure and levees not being properly maintained. 

The reports stated that since New Orleans was dug out and shaped like a "bowl," (beneath sea level), a hurricane could potentially cause catastrophic flooding from the bays, rivers, lakes, and other open waterways that surrounded the city ... filling the bowl up, and possibly wiping out mostly all -if not all- of the city of New Orleans.

Eight months later, Hurricane Katrina hit. New Orleans is also on the above listing.

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