Local Resident "Shares" Her Copy of The Free Magnolia ... Str8 out of Killin Alabama


A local resident, who shall remain unnamed, often refers to herself -jokingly and affectionately- as a bona fide member of Team Honky.

The resident came to Columbus by way of a trip across the Big Pond on the East, all the way from the U.K. She speaks about how, as a youth, televised scenery of America used to make her think this was a lovely nation, full of hope, wonder and splendor ... and how disappointed she was when she got here and discovered that it wasn't anything close to what she had imagined life over here could be like.

Recently, her whole entire world turned topsy-turvy after she received several free but extremely all-wet rubber-banded copies of a news rag by the name of The Free Magnolia, straight out of a place most people never heard of called "Killen, Alabama."

Okay. That was an exaggeration. She wasn't exactly devastated, but free is free, right? #ThatsSoLiberal

You can apparently get free copies too if you just put one of those #BLM signs in your yard. Literally, no charge. They will drive almost 300 miles to deliver it to your front door, through wind, rain, sleet, or even hail when it freezes over.

She said that just made her want to go out and get an even bigger #BLM sign, but she does think she was targeted (by someone she knows) for this exceptional hands-on wet delivery. 

It drove itself nearly five hours from northern Alabama at the Tennessee border where temperatures are in the mid-30s this time of year, to her home ... she didn't see any other copies in front of anyone else's door, so her neighbors were not equally blessed out this Thanksgiving season.

All kidding aside, the wet rag(e) was quite revealing about where its publishers stood on topics like "Red Terrors" and other such matters of that genre.

The sign in her yard reads: "BLACK LIVES MATTER ... Silence = Violence" and it sits prominently in front of her house in the FRONT yard. (see above) She says she made a call to CPD to file a police report, but got no response from them, though she told them she felt targeted.

Unfortunately, when you're talking about rights and "free" speech, which was paid for by a whole lot of liberal bloodshed, it's easier to just ignore certain people who want to cover up your right to free speech with their own.

I'll cut 'em a break though ...

They did talk a lot in this superiority news media about wanting to be left alone. 

However, if they weren't so busy not leaving others alone ... especially people who aren't about to drive nearly 270 miles northwest of Columbus just to see if they have anything worth taking ... they'd be a lot easier to believe.

When you have these types leaving out of various spots like this in Anywhere, USA, driving to states they don't live in just to shoot other people, mow them down during protests, or traveling long distances or short distances away from their own homes to burn down churches that don't belong to them, or going to kill them in their own churches during Bible study, or even to deliver wet newspapers to recipients who don't subscribe and don't want to ... the idea of them wanting to be "left alone" takes on a shadier texture.

Or ... Is it that they want to be left alone -unabated- to disturb the peace and legal rights of others?

If they look out their front and back windows 365 days a year, they would more than likely find no one's crazy enough to drive nearly five hours from Columbus to the northwestern Alabama border south of Tennessee, to a town of less than 2,000 people, just to crawl over their fences to get at their guns or anything else they own that they think other people want to take from them so badly. 

Hell, the Clampetts of Beverly Hills didn't even do that ish, --and they wouldn't have needed to sell Confederate symbols and fearmong to make extra money. 

If Uncle Zed, uhhh...Uncle Jed left home at all, it was to do something good for someone else, even people who didn't care for their particular kinds of generosity. Or maybe when they were threatening to take their money out of Drysdale's bank if they couldn't have things of high renown like a Bugtussle Possum Festival in the middle of downtown Beverly Hills, California. Don't think they ever got quite why no one was ever there except the employees Drysdale threatened to fire if they didn't show up with tickertape and a lot of noise.

But ... here's the mother giveaway of all giveaways in this pill of a newspaper.

"The Nationalist Front no longer exists as a viable organization ... internal upheaval, departure of key leaders, schisms within the memberships, misconduct and inexplicable actions by their leaders, and other unfortunate events took their toll...Only the League of the South remains...a non-trivial number realized there were heretofore unrealized 'family commitments' which ... require more of their time and energy, or 'business obligations' which would prevent their continued participation, or spouses were unhappy with them, and a myriad of other reasons for their departure. Summer soldiers will always find reasons to ..."

Is there a possibility they found within their own ranks people who are guilty of the very rapes, adultery, drug dealing, murders, and pedophilia that they accuse others of? Or maybe the real answer is that there is only so much of Nationalist God they can swallow at once and still survive. Or possibly even that a lot of their personal financial prosperity depends on the continued business of the very people they claim to hate, but can't live without their money, or their labor?

They talk plenty of nationalist game for some folks who can't manage to keep each other in business and still live off nothing but confederate money.

Trust us ... there is a reason there are less than 2,000 people in Killen, Alabama, and places like it across the nation. And nobody is champin' down the horse bit to get at them, either.

"The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof," ... says the Word of God.

But one does have to wonder which scriptural table of authorities in The Bible they refer to when it comes to that devilish need to divide up the world by ethnic labels and skin colorings, or to think or believe that their skin color gives them a right to control people who don't know them and aren't trying to get to know them.

It's not found anywhere in any "Christian" Bible I've ever seen or read.

In the final analysis, it's God's world and we're all a bunch of squirrels tryna get a nut.

Fair note to those starting "wars" with people who don't know you exist ... and don't care.

Don't despair about all the people you think are after you. They were all here before you were born and they will most assuredly still be here long after you're gone. 

God will see to that. He always does and He always will.


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