Must-Read: "Sex & The Saints" by Natasha David Walker (Jones) - WORLD AIDS DAY, December 1st



When the Author of this book was first interviewed, she was still living in Columbus, Georgia; but has since married (Pastor E.L. Jones) and returned to her birth city of Atlanta.

In reviewing an abridged copy of “Sex & The Saints”, authored by Natasha David-Walker (a Sis-Star in her own right), she told the tales of many intentionally anonymous people who actually went through the various sexual hells that happen INSIDE the sanctuary, over and on the top of the church.

It was (and still is) a hidden underworld of all kinds of deviant exploitations, the kind that ultimately brought down Georgia-based evangelical kingpins like Bishop Earl Paulk and Bishop Eddie Long.

But the social "afterglow" of these people's individual stories quickly meld into sadness, especially when you think of the fact that AIDS, though it reached its peak in 1995, continues to be one of the worst pandemics known in the history of the world. As of 2019, there were still 1.2 million people living with HIV in the United States, according to Gilead HIV.


“In my dream, I walked out of my bedroom, down the hall into the living room. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Watch out.” But before I could say, “For what?” something tried to grab me from behind. When I turned around to see who he was, I felt a pair of arms come around from behind me and hold me tight. Then I was lifted off the floor and another pair of arms hoisted my legs and I was carried 58 back down the hallway to my bedroom. I knew or could feel I was being carried by two people, or things. I say things because at that time from how the one that grabbed me from behind felt, I instinctively knew that it wasn’t human. When we arrived in my bedroom they dropped me on the floor and began to try to rape me. One held my arms and chest down as the other tried to pry my legs open. That’s when I started to see what they were. They were demons. They seemed like man and turtle or something. I could make out just a little more than a silhouette of the one determined to get between my legs. He was on his knees, turned slightly sideways. That’s how I made out his humped, shell-like body. His hands were big and muscular; big and muscular enough to get what he wanted if he had truly put the energy into it. As it was, I still wasn’t willing to be an easy prey. I continued to squirm and clench my legs together. I wasn’t going anywhere; they were making sure of that. As soon as I remembered to yell, the one I couldn’t see, the one holding down my upper body, clasped his big hand over my mouth. I was afraid now. How was I going to call out to God? I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to calm down. I can’t calm down, I thought. “Calm down, ” He entreated. I can’t, I thought again trying to scream through any gap in the demon’s hands. “Calm down and call Father with your spirit,” was the last thing He said.”

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – February 7, 2022


About Natasha David-Walker

Sex & The Saints by “House-of-David” founder Natasha David-Walker (Jones)

Natasha David-Walker (nee Jones) is a native of Atlanta who returned to Georgia after studying at Oakwood College, Hunstville, AL, and Columbus State University. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies in Biology and a Master’s in English from the University of Memphis (U of M), with a concentration in Professional & Technical Writing. She has produced humanities-based documentaries focused on the complexities faced by women of color living with HIV/AIDS, and also served communities through non-profit development and lecturing in colleges and universities.

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