From Refusal to Take Care of the Widowed, Orphaned, and Homeless to Borrowing From A Socialist Slush Fund to Finding Money Stashed in a Bathroom Wall...


Joel Osteen's Lakewood church in Houston can't seem to stay out of the national headlines.

As of late, RawStory and several other national news entities reported that "...'bags and bags' of money found stashed in a bathroom wall (approximately $200,000 in cash and $400,000 in checks) at televangelist Joel Osteen's megachurch have been linked to a 2014 theft from a safe at the Houston facility."

Question now is "Did the insurance company pony up?" and "Will Osteen's church have to reimburse the insurance company for the claim if they did pay out?"

The journalism gift keeps on giving, but it seems to have escalated ever since the Hurricane Harvey debacle back in 2017 and then ventured forward into many other stories including the most recent that such a glitterati church would need to "borrow" federal pandemic funds in the first place.

Megachurches will remain under scrutiny mainly because many 'insider shenanigans' are often discovered by tireless and relentless news and information reporting, all of which can't universally be blamed on socialists, liberals, or "the persecution of Christians", mainly because it's overtly obvious that it isn't socialists, liberals, "antifa" (whatever that is), or religious persecution that is causing the issues being reported on.

Telling a true story isn't speaking it into existence, that much is certain. Wonder what the Osteen crystal square ball (i.e., "inspirational cube") will say next.

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