Stacey Abrams Talks Affordable Housing and Medicaid Expansion in Bid for Governor of Georgia


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We've all heard it before....affordable housing yadda yadda...Medicaid expansion yadda yadda... and it is badly needed, that is true; but there is more to 'affordable housing' and 'Medicaid expansion' than making campaign promises others have never kept.

Stronger messages need to be coming from campaigners and candidates as we close out this year and get ready to begin another one.

We're not even certain how many more deaths are going to be added to the COVID numbers and/or the murder ratios in the state of Georgia yet, let alone how to overcome all of the predatory lenders, RESPA and HUD violations, and the broken systemic machinery in government that causes housing to continue to be unaffordable.

Abrams' campaign this go round needs to be a lot more definitive when people are depicting Santa having to come down chimneys donning a bullet-proof vest and the state's Black citizens being wholesale blamed for things that they aren't doing alone.

Issues that need to be addressed now are not generic like they used to be, they are very specific and hotly contested.

If time is its own contest, Abrams already won the Governor's office once, she can win it again and actually take her seat this time; but she's going to need to reach higher than thrice-told campaign tales and more of "Yes We Can."

The game has changed since the last time she won ... for a lot of reasons.
Changed considerably.


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