OP-ED: Who Will Attend with a Deathbed Portal Confession on the Case of the Atlanta Child Murders?


Wayne Williams continues to maintain his innocence and welcomes reinvestigation plans

The Atlanta Police Department hand-delivered more than 40-year-old evidence from the Atlanta child murders cases to a private lab in Utah specializing in analyzing deteriorated DNA.

That technology for DNA testing was not available in 1982—when a jury found 23-year-old Wayne Williams guilty of two of the killings. 

But to this day, some remain skeptical that Williams was responsible for all the deaths of dozens of Black children across Atlanta.


So far, it isn't just the many murders and lynchings that were hidden, covered up, evidence tainted or discarded ... but the lives that went by as someone who knows the real truth refused to confess it until they were ready to check out - permanently.

Wayne Williams, a convicted/accused killer whose DNA evidence was attached to only two of 27 African-American or "Black" children when the other twenty-five murder cases were closed based on the two, has consistently maintained his innocence and has recently stated that he is glad former Atlanta Mayor Kesha Lance Bottom reopened the cases.

The families of the other young men never got closure and if someone doesn't tell the truth, they never will.

It isn't that far-fetched to believe he is not lying about his "innocence," especially with so many accused-convicted killers who have done time for crimes they did not commit now being set free or exonerated post-mortem.

As was the case with Martin Luther King Jr., and so many other civil rights advocates and leaders who were murdered, including Malcolm X, and where the men sentenced to do the time turned out not to be the ones who did the crimes ... who actually did murder all those Black children? And why was it so easy, at the time, for Atlanta to close the books on the other 25 unsolved murders as if their Black Lives did not matter?

There are many who are still thoroughly convinced that Williams may have ended up being the patsy on which to pin crimes that were actually committed by the Ku Klux Klan and it's not an unreasonable statement to make. If it's paranoia on the part of the families of these young men, it is entirely justifiable.

It wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened in this state's and this nation's history...and probably won't be the last.


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