OP-Ed: Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene: Her Way or Hit The Highway


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When I first left Columbus about 30 years ago and moved to Atlanta, I moved near Windy Hill Road and Cobb Parkway to live with a friend with whom I had attended church as a child. 

I was told by her that Cobb County -especially out towards Kennesaw, Acworth and Austell- were stomp barefoot country rural backward, but I don't think I was quite prepared for what I did see ... which was people talking about "Big Chickens" and "Big Clocks". 

It didn't take long for me to familiarize myself with the Big Clock on Windy Hill, but this "Big Chicken" thing they kept talking about, I had to see that for myself. There is a reason, believe it or not; but that's about all they have left to be proud of -- this BIG chicken. Ask them. They will tell you all about it. 

As a child, the only thing I'd ever heard about that area north of Atlanta is that it was "Klan Country," and when I moved there, I saw it for myself. We weren't real welcome, but we worked, kept quiet and kept to ourselves; and if we went out, we stuck together in crowds while traveling down to the city - we knew they couldn't be trusted.

Here's one of many reasons why ... 

How Cobb County's Democratic districts were gerrymandered into Republican control:

Audrey Allen wrote to every Republican official she could, hoping to keep her Cobb County community under Democratic representation in Washington. She knew the redistricting process can be unpredictable, but she never imagined what ended up happening.

The diverse swath of southwest Cobb where she lives, long held by Democratic U.S. Rep. David Scott, was abruptly rerouted to GOP control. And not just any Republican. She’ll soon be represented by U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the far-right freshman whose very name has become a byword for bomb-throwing politics.

“It took everyone by surprise. I mean, people are trying to move,” Allen, who is Black, said a few days after the maps were redrawn, still not quite believing what happened. “It’s disenfranchisement season.”


Why Trump was So Surprised that he didn't win the Georgia Election in this season: Backwoods Christianity isn't as mainstream as it once was.

With folks like Cobb County's Marjorie Taylor Greene at the helm, Captain Kirk left the space hull a long time ago and he isn't coming back. He's too busy playing in Bezos' sandbox with Bezos' big boy toys.

Georgia not only has a hardline reputation, along with Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North and South Carolina about being huckster and cornpone backward, but this one state alone has a long and well-storied history of being the chief cornerstone of the perpetuation of every racist lie ever told about Black and colored people around the nation and the world.

The Southern Strategy employed here by so many politicians who won elections using it in the past was birthed, planned and laid out here in Georgia and Alabama, among the most corrupt of the corrupt seed in American politricks -- and the main ones who grin it up, hat in hand, straw toothpicks in mouth and all, and swear that anyone who names it and calls it out is just being 'paranoid' - are the biggest perps of them all.

Trump was surprised it didn't work for him in Georgia. Before now, it did work very well; and the southbound 'Dixiecrats' are not innocent of helping it along.

This ~King Holiday~, when you think about Voting Rights during the years of the Southern Strategy and Willie Horton, Willie Lynch and Reagan's Welfare Queen sermon and all that other kind of half-baked speech, and how hard some folks work and how many millions they spend to take those rights away from you, also just keep in mind that there are still too many who are willing to just give their voting rights away as if they don't matter. 

There were, and are, two different types of Democrats -northern and southern- and it was the Northern Democrats -under John F Kennedy The Elder Statesman- that helped Black people jump off the Republican train wreck in the south, where they once thought they didn't have a choice but to vote Republican until they were taught otherwise.

It isn't hard to understand why so many sophisticated and educated Cobb County residents would not want to have MTG's territory expanded into their living domains, they helped to fire Donald Trump in 2020 and they have every intention that his willful hatred will not return to the White House ever again. Maybe this is their opportunity to raise a standard in her own gerrymandered jurisdiction and put her out of office, which would be a good thing.

It will help with your understanding of just how corn-shuck'd the area is and why it would raise such a one as a Marjorie Taylor Greene type, who would spoon her way into places where she obviously does not belong because she doesn't uphold the educational standard or homegrown savvy that it takes to handle business on Capitol Hill in a meaningful way that would contribute to the nation.

The main cluckers of false religious bravado about abortions and everything else that is disoriented and makes not a lick of sense come from places where MTG roots herself.

It's her way or hit the highway, or else ... cluck cluck Big Chicken Annie git ur gunz! 

Somewhere in her head, it's still the pre-radical reconstruction 1800s and it comes out every time she opens her mouth, whether it is her act as a saboteur, agent provocateur, or just plain old street 'hood shelf-life expired bully.

It isn't hard to figure out where her base is, though, or even how they managed to beg up her representation, the way the flaming hot radical red areas in Georgia keep moving the limbo stick all over the place to make sure she gets into places where nobody really wants her in DC.

The crony red-hatted evangelical base that squished itself out of the tail end of the Obama-hating Tea Party root, carries weight with a lot of pastors who are themselves sexual and social deviants ... some of whom have even been put out of their own churches for molesting their own God-given blood-related nieces and nephews.

Maybe that's what scares her so much that she can't accept other humans for who they are. 

The church base of "indoctrinated radical christians" that she has lived with does a lot of what seems to scare her the most; and they have the guns, the flags, and the empty beer cans all over their trailer park homes in rural Cobb County to prove it. The fact that she's trying to move into a Black suburban area that wasn't hers just to control the vote count of those who don't care for her kind says all it needs to.

I know the type.

I spent ten years of my own 42-year walk in the Lord watching and hearing them preach some of the most magnificent electrical lies about God and the Bible and their forefathers and this nation's alleged christian root that one would ever need to think about hearing.

I used to think they were right and that kind of crazy christianity (yes, I attended what used to be known as Chapel Hill Harvester Church later known as The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit under Bishop Earl Paulk and some of their other radical right ministries) led me to vote for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s - right when I became old enough TO vote.

I learned a lesson. Never ever do that again. During this time, I even got to meet in person the radical rightness of Pat Robertson, who was running for President at the time, and turned out to be just as nutcase as MTG. The country didn't want him in office and now I know why. He would have been "the other trump." A precursor of hell on earth to come.

And ... They were absolutely wrong. About absolutely everything.

That Rootless Evangelical Energy

MTG's energy is not only hateful, bullyish, abrasive and abusive like her church base and other counterparts, but half-cocked and insane. For someone who does a lot of ranting about the 'unborn' and abortion, she doesn't mind telling people to pull out guns and abort wanted children whose families had them, raised them and sent them to off to college to educate them about her type and why they should not be in leadership positions.

Those are the babies MTG and her cohorts love to abort; and they encourage others to do so as well so that she can feel justified in her self-absorbed 'calling' ... but what if the unborn grow up one day and go to college and learn about how bigoted and hateful she was ... will she, by then, have raised up another brigade like herself who call for these "unaborted babies" she paraded for to be aborted by second amendment gunfire just because they grow up one day and don't like what her type stands for.

When she calls for taking "second amendment" charge over the entire government and screams about how, if things don't go her way, and Georgia doesn't turn this country back over to Trump in 2022 and 2024 ... how she will demand firearms in office (a worse repeat of January 6th)  ... whose babies is she talking about aborting?

They already murdered five (5) outside of their mother's wombs during their unconstitutional rampage in Washington DC this time last year. 

Whose Birthed Babies is MTG willing to abort-by-second-amendment during their adulthood just to have her way?

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