Op-Ed: Church Leader "Dies" And Will Only Resurrect If She Receives a Certain Dollar Amount


Credit to: BBC

I thought I'd heard everything, or close enough to everything, until this came up ... 

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Honestly ... I'd seen people in Arizona being forced to go a church they didn't belong to, with the threat of being made homeless hanging over their heads if they did not go; I'd even heard of crazy lunatic churches here in Columbus, where the former wife of a pastor who apparently once had a semblance of "first lady" prestige invited people to a free dinner venue and then proceeded to lock the doors when she did not receive enough money in the offerings (to cover her costs?) ... and this last one before the last one, with the pastor spitting the "loogie" into his hands and smearing it on the face of a parishioner which made capital Headline Stupidity, but now this one ...

The woman "dies" and can't come back to life until they give up a certain amount of money?

Even worse than the pastors, or social deviants, who mastermind these robbery-instituted christian services, are the followers who bother to attend.

The followers are at fault for even entertaining this mess, but we can only guess that the Jim Jones and the Jonestown Guyana Cult Massacre didn't quite do it for them.


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