OP-Ed: Biden Administration Refrains from Human Definition of the Term "Woman"


Fox News Digital challenged the Biden administration government agencies to define the term “woman." Not 'female', but WO-MAN.

They consistently refuse to do so, but take a deeper look at it than what is on the surface, because it's not like most people don't know what the differences are between men and women.

By defining the term "woman" (note, FOX has not publicly asked them to define the term 'man' as of yet), it means fallout on both sides of the spectrum. 

The women, as the Bible defines them, will experience a severe mental relapse into the highly hallucinational foregone 'Trumpmania' of the latter days, and if there is a government-regulated definition of the term 'woman', the men, as the Bible defines them, will experience more over-commercialized network media drama than even Hollywood professional 'woman' RuPaul can shake a stick at.

The Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Education, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Federal Bureau of Prisons all know what a “woman" is, but FOX is known for instigating overblown headlines for dramatic media effect just to get ratings and attention - to "go viral" on social media like a willful spoiled rotten child -something once known in the industry as 'yellow journalism'- and that is what the Biden Administration is refusing to address or discuss with them. 

By falling into the unnecessary "You people must define woman for us" traumatic expression, the Biden Administration risks becoming a centerpiece for melodramatic metaphorical idiosyncratic overkill and entering into a shallow and superficial fight that really isn't a fight at all. It's just so-called overbloated "christianistas" (another politico-religious fanatic faction of them, that is) acting as if their rights and their attitudes and family values are, or should be, the only ones in existence.

The federal government is not in a position to be used as a dictionary for the simple-minded who more than likely can't define the term for themselves without mentioning how many "women" of their own ilk that Donald Trump sexually assaulted, molested, and/or raped.

The federal agencies are not made for Trump-inspired serial television reality shows, even though he made a vagrant attempt to make it that way for four years too long. 

No government agency on any level, state, local, or federal, is responsible for defining any words of any kind except when they are written into law; and even if they did do so, anyone who would like to define the term 'woman' for themselves is not and cannot be legally prohibited from doing so.

Those who make the appearance of having hard issues with "government overreach," still take the time to ask the government to over-extend themselves into other people's personalized and individualistic drama. 

This fact alone is what makes the Biden Administration absolutely correct on their stance to refuse to participate in the drabble of leftover and highly disrespectful White House reality show drama and take on the fact of complete and official governmental professionalism.

Moment of Truth: Even if the government chose a particular definition for the term "woman," it wouldn't stick, so there is no point in belaboring the matter. In school, the rest of us who actually have an education were taught to use dictionaries, all of which point to the relative term "fe-male," and we were also taught that the government should not ever -since slavery ended, that is- engage in taking sides on any self-proposed personal matter, prayer and religion included.

End Game: The government of the United States of America was never meant to be used in the way FOX demands to use it. Any FOX-inspired media attempt to do so is about as un-American as it gets. There is no legal nor government definition of the word "woman," or "man," nor should there ever be. 

At no point ever, in thought, word, or deed, did the Lord God Most High ever put the United States government, in part or in parcel, in effective control of His domain in Heaven, or on Earth.

Somehow, one can't help but get the impression that FOX media believes itself in control of "all things religious" and "all things Americana," and nothing could be further from the truth.

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