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If you don't know what a "meme" is, it's a social media "entrap-preneur"  exercise in either using graphics and/or people's direct quotes or something they MIGHT say, but didn't say exactly that; or even a certain "look" from an animal or a person to capture a slice of life (vignette), or a moment in time to get a specific point across.

It works like a political cartoon ... of sorts.

Memes (pronounced 'meem', not "me-me") don't necessarily have to be "vetted" for accuracy or a direct quote, but it's easy enough to find out if it contained a real quote by the person on display. Just Look it up.

The point of a Meme is just a more realistic type of political cartoon, sometimes drawn but mostly photographed - as the person being quoted might have indicated that they would feel that way about a certain issue or topic or they may have shown their support for a certain issue or topic in their own words or by the way they live their lives. The animal meme might even be used to make a point the animal could not have made, but it was used for "effect." The Punchline, so to speak: "And the moral of this short story is..."

In any event, most days, people get severely offended by Memes. Either that, or they get the point, and more often than than not, the "point" is off-base in some sense and was meant to "rile" folks. 

No one needs to get defensive about a Meme when they know it's just an opinion or an attitude and is not based on facts. let alone the actual truth.

But ... they are or can be extremely laughable from time to time.

This one above, a Meme that came from Facebook, is highly laughable. It shows that not only does "Bill Maher" (if he actually said this) has never read a Bible, but that he also does not know what the enmity between God and "the devil" was really about.

At best, it's pretty basic and shows a true lack of scriptural knowledge and education of someone who thought they made a point that wouldn't hold up underneath the facts.

However if you wanted to challenge it, it's easy to say that Bill Maher thinks pretty small.

This meme indicates that anyone needs to be in fear or "come to church" from the start. He can't distinguish between the truth and a lie.

If he ever read a Bible, He would know (a) The devil -if it exists- is already defeated, mankind is the only ones still playing footsies with it; and (b) There was no "church" for anyone to go to throughout the Old and New testaments.
(Bill Maher may not have made this statement, but even if he shows a severe lack of knowledge on his part.) First off...

"God" would have had no need to [make people afraid so they would "go to church."]

The Messiah's followers didn't attend church (not in the traditional sense that we think of) at all and didn't tell anyone else they had to either. The Apostle Paul said something about the assembling together of like-minded believers, but that wasn't a mandate to go to church. Like-minded persons can assemble anywhere they least for the moment ... and all of them aren't necessarily worshipping God when they do it.

The author of this particular Meme needs to actually READ a Bible and come up with a better excuse to defend "the devil" 's actions, because this statement is totally out of touch with the facts, such as they stand for now.

Believe in God, don't believe in God, believe the Bible is a book of fairy tales or allegories, or don't - this Meme still does not line up with what is actually written in the scriptures regardless of what one believes.

The other thing about a meme?

Not only can they be extremely funny at times, but they also have the job of adding to the disinformation and lack of education that is already such a 'thing' on social media these days.

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